“Since this was a new event for Tulsa and for the YWCA, we set an ambitious goal of raising $100,000 gross proceeds. Thanks to
WW&S®, we blew the top off our goal, raising just over $130,000.”

     ~ Andrew R. Turner, Attorney-at-Law & YWCA of Tulsa Board Member,
       Tulsa, OK

"Our inaugural event in 2005 netted nearly $100,000 and our number
of guests has grown steadily over the last two years. Everyone agrees Wine Women & Shoes® is the hottest ticket in town and it’s brought our agency to the forefront of charities in Sarasota, Florida with its unique  combination of gorgeous shoes, glorious wines, and a great cause."

     ~ Betsy Kane-Hartnett, Co-Executive Director,
        Forty Carrots Family Center, Sarasota, FL

"I am very proud to say that the first year of Wine Women & Shoes® brought in over $85,000 to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of
Central Florida. This is the most money any event has ever made
in the history of the food bank (28 years!). But even more than the
money, we made 300 new friends as well. Some of these women
have never even heard of the food bank. Now they are aware that
1 in 5 Central Floridians are facing hunger and they are going to do something about it."

      ~ Sasha Hausman, Development Manager,
         Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

"...rave reviews for the event at our Board Meeting last night…"
      ~ Kara McBurney, Event Coordinator,
         Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test, Greensboro, NC


"I just wanted to take time to write you about what wonderful a partner Sheila was to us. . . Quite simply, I don't think we could have done it without her!. . . And after all the phone meetings (we dreaded!), we found out that she was absolutely right about everything!  

What a fabulous event it was!  I think it was one of the nicest, if not the nicest, events I've ever been to.  Your entire staff was also a dream to work with, especially Rebekkah and Sarah. With a savvy leader like you, we expected nothing less.
Thanks for all your help in making our event a smashing success!"
Kelli Buchwald, Manager, Community Relations
      Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA

"We feel very thankful to be able to work with WW&S®.  Not only
are Elaine and all of her colleagues a pleasure to work with, but the
events they put on are for such an array of worthy causes that we
are extremely happy to be given the opportunity to support them all.  Thank you to the entire team at WW&S®!"

       ~ Ben Falchi-Pereira, Chi by Falchi

“Speaking as the host retailer, WW&S® was an extremely successful event, with sales doubling our expectations. Elaine Honig is an absolute dynamo and the audience loved every minute of the evening. I can highly recommend WW&S® to any retailer”.
      ~ Bob Benham, President, Balliet’s, Oklahoma City, OK

“As an Italian fashion shoe designer, I am very impressed by the heart and soul of volunteers that run the program. I was able to introduce my shoe and hand bag collection in a relaxed venue, with fabulous wines, delicious food, and gorgeous people gathering to have a great time, all the while benefiting the less fortunate.”
      ~ Angelo Anastasio, Owner, Angeleigh Anastasio, Inc.

"Being a part of Wine Women and Shoes® has given our new company the opportunity to participate in events throughout the country in the company of excited, community-minded women. This unique organization has helped me build my business and brand by gaining national exposure and opening new accounts while having the chance to make a difference. We are so proud to be associated with WW&S®!"
      ~ Diana E Kelly, shoe designer

"We were honored to support the first annual Wine Women & Shoes® for the Cancer Alliance of Naples.  It was a wonderful event for an excellent cause, [and] we were able to promote our services to the women of our community."   
      ~ Dr. Bruce Nakfoor, Jr., MD, Naples, FL

"The Wine Women & Shoes® event was a great networking event -
with our potential new & existing clients in attendance - a wonderful opportunity - a  win-win for [everyone]."

      ~ Tade Bua-Bell, Naples Estate Properties, Naples, FL

"I feel WW&S® is the best event of the year. Where else could you network,meet other fabulous women, purchase your favorite things, such as wine and shoes, while enjoying a fabulous lunch, AND do
this all in the name of charity!"

      ~ Allison Pollack, Inner Circle Spa, Sarasota, FL

“Wine Women & Shoes® is a fantastic concept. I attend many charitable functions and this was one of the most unique and fun events that I’ve been to in a while!”
      ~ Susan Blackburn, Synovus Bank, Sarasota, FL

"Williams and our employees participate in many events throughout more than 80 locations, but few can rival the interest level and enthusiasm sparked by Wine, Women & Shoes® in Tulsa. Well before
the date of the event, we start getting calls and emails from employees: "Does Williams have a table? I would love to attend if there is room..." We also use the event to showcase some of our outstanding volunteer leaders, like the chairperson of our Women's Business Resource Group - a win-win recognition for everyone. The best endorsement I heard was from my 17-year old daughter. As we were leaving, she saw a mother and daughter walking in front of us who were likely 40 years our seniors. My daughter said, "Mom, let's come together every year for the next 50 years." I love that this event exposes her to some of Tulsa's most empowered women addressing some of the community's most pressing concerns. The clever theme paired (pun intended) with one of Tulsa's most inspirational and effective non-profits come together for an event that Williams is proud to support."

      ~ Alison Anthony, Williams Global Energy & Communications Company, Tulsa, OK

"The Bama Companies had 4 models in the fashion show and they all had a fun time. The other team members from our company that attended the events had such a wonderful time and came back to the company bragging about how Bama was highlighted in the event, how much fun they had and how much they learned about the YWCA. It was our pleasure and honor to be a sponsor and to be involved with the YWCA of Tulsa."
      ~ Coza Huffman, The Bama Companies, Tulsa, OK

"These events have been a great fit for us, both in market, and in driving traffic back to Napa to taste at Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley.  The WW+S team has done a great job of finding the right fit for us and selecting events that were a fit for our brand."
      ~ Michael Polenske, Proprietor, Blackbird Vineyards

“Wine and shoes, what a novel and obvious comparison! What a great way to promote a local charity and have fun.”
      ~ Linda Wetzel, Owner, Alexander Valley Vineyards

“At least three things are remarkable about Wine Women and Shoes®. The milieu of the event is so energized—so stylish and charismatic that every wine shows beautifully. Women not only want to buy the shoes they’re trying on but also every “fabulous” wine they taste.
      ~ Julie Johnson, Owner, Tres Sabores Wines

"Wine, Women & Shoes® is a wonderfully organized event, with great energy. The 'Shoe GuysTM' are the key link that tie the shoes to the wine, and drive wine and retail sales which is crucial to our participation. Great vibe and great fun!"
      ~ Gabrielle Leonhard, owner, The Gabrielle Collection

"WW&S® is a great excuse for us to visit with our distributors and work with their reps. Plus, we found a built-in consumer base at the WW&S® events that result in direct sales...The local board members of the associated charity who housed winemakers were so hospitable! It was a GREAT way to build winery direct sales. Once you stay in someone’s home they pretty much become a fan for life!"
      ~ Beth Adams, Abigail Adams Wines

“After three years of participating in multiple WW&S® events, I now feel it is the best exposure for our wines over any other pour, event or format.  I have picked up several new distributors – patrons demanding our wines after the events – sold tons of wine at retail pours while in town for the events – and made lifelong friends, all while supporting causes that I truly believe benefit women”
      ~ Thrace Bromberger, Gustavo Thrace & Toolbox Wine Company