It is very important that alcohol is served in a safe way and no one is over-served at your event. Below is a list of important tips and ideas to keep alcohol consumption safely under control.  

- Provide PLENTY of water. It is important that your guests have easy access to hydration throughout the event.

- While the Shoe Guys should be able to have fun, do not allow them to get drunk. We recommend avoiding serving hard alcohol to the Shoe Guys, as this can be a recipe for disaster.

- We recommend having a volunteer monitor alcohol consumption. There will be many people drinking at the event so be mindful that there will be a lot to keep an eye on. Perhaps have two volunteers as “alcohol monitors”. 

- Ensure that your volunteers monitoring alcohol consumption are confident to know when someone needs to be cut-off, and to be able to cut them off in a tactful and successful manner.

- Make sure your guests know how to get a safe ride home. Have a local business sponsor “safe rides home” with a sign on the way out of the venue. Ideas include an insurance company, a limousine company, or even Uber. This is a great sponsorship opportunity.

- Your volunteers monitoring alcohol should be confident enough to walk an overserved guest to a cab or other safe ride home. We want to exclude drinking and driving from these events. 

- NOTHING ruins a good time more than a DUI. Make sure wine reps pouring wine are also mindful of people who may seem overly intoxicated.