Shoe Guys®


 Auction Lots Promo:

Why promote these? Because you make 100% revenue off them!! (You make only 20% off vendors.)

Place auction lot display items on Shoe Guys' trays so they promote lots around the room.

For the Auction Sign for Shoe Guy Trays, click here.

Note:  Don't forget to make duplicate auction lots display props so there won't be a hole on the lots display table while it's out being promoted.

Vendor Promo:

Place shoes, a small handbag or piece of jewelry on the tray to showcase merchandise from vendors.

Note:  Unfortunately, sometimes inventory gets lost, and it's upsetting for everyone.To minimize risk, use the Inventory Loan and Sign In/Out Form. Click here. Shoe Guys will fill them out each time they are loaned a piece for the event.