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Shoe Guys Individually Raising Money 

Several of our clients have had great success individually raising money from their Shoe Guys, with the most successful ones raising upwards of $20,000 before the doors even open. To support the fundraising effort, they create their own web pages or use a site called Crowdrise ( Set up a Team page for your Shoe Guys on Crowdrise or your own site and ask your community to vote for (and donate) to the Guy of their choice. The Shoe Guy with the most votes (and therefore who has raised the most money) gets crowned King of Sole at the event.

In order for this to work, you will need Shoe Guys who are committed to raising money for your cause.  Make sure you are clear about the level of commitment you expect from your Shoe Guys before you sign them up. An affluent and/or committed Shoe Guy or sponsor may offer to match the funds your Shoe Guy team raises.

A Shoe Guy kick-off party for your event is a great time to get uniform head shots of all your Guys for the Crowdrise page, otherwise, have them e-mail a head shot to the Shoe Guy Chair. This is also a good time to get them fired up about the mission and the money they can raise and incite a little healthy male competition. To further incentivize them, you can crown the Shoe Guy who raises the most money King of Sole and offer them 2 nights for 1 couple in Napa Valley at the WW&S guest cottage for $400*. This incentive could be sponsored and would raise more than it costs. 

For more information on how it works, go to and check out the following links from successful WW&S teams:



*King of Sole Napa Trip Incentive Date Restrictions:
April 15 - November 15: weeknights only
November 15 - April 15: weeknights and weekends
**transportation not included
**$150 cleaning fee