Shoe Guys®


Revenue Generating Ideas

Business Sponsors (Coordinate with your Sponsorship committee)
There are typically 20+ Shoe Guys working the room and engaging 350+ women.  It's a super networking opportunity. Position this opportunity as a targeted group of brand ambassadors who will be the hit of the event.


Various businesses sponsor the entire group of Shoe Guys in return for logo placement and branding exposure on their black t-shirts (looks best if it's on the sleeves.)

See if one of your Shoe Guys has a company who wants to sponsor, or add this as a benefit to sponsors. 

Individual Supporters 

Shoe Guys can reach out to their connections, and ask their friends and associates to “sponsor” them, like they might be sponsored for a relay or fundraising run.

Name Tags 

Think of clever ways to tag the Shoe Guys with their name and company’s name; it not only identifies the Guys, but is a sponsorship opportunity.

King of Sole

       Take your bottom line to new heights with a friendsly Shoe Guy competition! Patrons will support your cause by voting for  
       and donating toawrd their favorite Shoe Guy. He who receives the most donations will be crowned the King of Sole. 

Shoe Guy Fashion Police 

Who among us has not had to put the kabash on a spouse or boyfriend's bad, bad outfit? Same applies here.  Watch these guys like hawks.  You never know what crazy getup they'll try to get away with, for example, black jeans, which do NOT qualify as black pants.