Shoe Guys®



Before the event, post Shoe Guy photos and short bios on your Web site (like most Silent Auction lots)

Minimum bids of around $300 per table is suggested to start 

Only VIP ticket holders can pre-bid (first dibs) on a Shoe Guy. They can be bought out in advance if someone wants to make a buy-out bid.

On the day of the event, pre-bought Shoe Guys wear a large shoe tag on their chest that says, “I am the Shoemmelier for XYZ table”

Non pre-bid guys will have bid sheets at a table (like other silent auction items) or posted to their chest that reads, “Make Me Your Sole Mate” or “Make me Your Shoemmelier.” Ladies can write on their chest/bid sheet their bid and bidding #.

For the Shoe Guy Bid Template, click here.

 Close the Shoe Guy bidding just before the Silent Auction.

Gather Shoe Guy bid sheets and deliver them to registration. Marks down the winning bidder and make a Shoemmelier tag for each Shoe Guy and assign them to their winning bidder’s table.

 Each Shoe Guy can increase his value (like a competition) by stating what extra goodie they literally “bring to the table.” A magnum of wine or bubbles, chocolate, whatever they want to offer to sweeten their marketability. This is a great way for them to make a big difference and get creative. 

 If you are doing the Make Me Your Shoemmelier program, then you only want the Shoe Guys to sell wine and not do any other services, like bringing wine to the table.