Graphics Production List

Print, E-Blasts, Web





Work with the Charity and WW&S to create e-blasts & an e-blast schedule. See examples of e-blasts in the slideshow on the Print & Graphics Page. You have 27 hours to work with Sarah our WW&S graphics expert, who helps you with ideas, templates, and a schedule for them to go out.  Generally that breaks into 17-20 hours on Print & E-blasts, and 8-10 hour on Web update.  You'll have a "kick-off" call with her to discuss a schedule for the following.




•  Sponsorship deck
     Content done by charity using WWS templates.  Final approval and formatting by WWS. 

•  Save-the-date postcard 

•  Invites 

•  Poster (typically 11x17) 

•  Ad layouts 

•  Program cover
    Content/layout done by the charity with
 approval from WWS

  Event signage templates
    Content done by charity with 
WWS final approval

  Other misc. projects that might come up (banners, web  ads, ext) 





•  Save-the-dates 

•  Invitations

•  Sponsor benefit e-blasts 
     The Luxe e-blast below promotes a ticket giveaway contest by a sponsor.  Pre-event e-blasts like this idea bring value to the sponsor, 
     get the word out,  and encourage more likes on the 
event Facebook page.



Pre-event weekly promotion
   Weekly e-blasts 1 month pre- event make a huge impact. Topics:


•   Shoe Guys

•   Auction lots / key -to -the-closet raffle

•   Shopping vendors / fashion show partners

•   Wineries/ Wine retail partners

•   Marketplace/shopping

•   Any celebs attending

•   Last call

•   Fashion show
   VIP Tickets or Events (VIP tickets are the overall purview of Charity & Event Chair.  You work with
Charity & Event Chair to find great ways to promote these tickets.


General E-blast Timeline:


•   Save the Date (send around same time as 
printed, 5-6 months out)

•   Winery Partners (send 4 months out)

•   Marketplace Partners (send 3 months out)

•   Shoe Guys intro (send 2 months out)

•   Fashion Show preview (send 4 weeks out)

•   Live Auction lot preview (send 3 weeks out)

•   KTC preview (send 2 weeks out)

•   Last Call (send a few days prior to event)





• Provide weekly update detailing/listing 
any changes desired.

• Include sponsor/vendor logos and URL links 
   Let Sarah know which sponsors take priority 

• Ticket prices 

• Link to registration page (created by the charity)

• Contact information

• Timeline of the event