Eight Steps to a Great Auction: 

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First, take a look at the Auction Great Ideas & Lessons
Learned page. After over 150
events, we learned from
our mistakes so you don't have to.

Great Ideas & Lessons Learned

Step 1: Create Five Sub-Committees
            Includes Key-to-the-Closet
and Wall of Wine

Step 2: Strategize and Brainstorm Lots
           Includes WW&S Provided Lots and Auction Lot Ideas

Step 3: Make Requests

Step 4: Group Items and Auction Lots

Step 5: Auction Strategy and Planning

Step 6: Lot Display

Step 7: Lot Copy and Bid Sheets

Step 8: Thank You Notes



Auction Committee Documents

Napa Trip/Accommodation Beauty Shots
Auction Checklist
Consignment Auction Lots
KTC Auction Card Templates
KTC Checklist
KTC Donation Solicitation Fast Facts from Naples
KTC Donation Solicitation Template

KTC Promotional Copy

Sample Bid Sheet

Sample Solicitation Cover letter
Auction Donation Form - Template 1
Auction Donation Form - Template 2