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Foodies apply here! This committee guarantees that guests are well-fed with a variety of options. Whether recruiting restaurants, hiring caterers or using a venue’s kitchen, we all know food can make or break an event. Before you dive in, take a look at the Culinary Great Ideas & Lessons Learned page. After over 150 events, we learned from our mistakes so you don't have to.


If you plan on recruiting chefs or restaurants, adapt and use the WW&S Culinary Partner One-Sheet to help you explain and promote your event to potential partners.

If your venue has an in-house caterer, use fixed food stations as opposed to tray-passed food.

But you may designate some volunteers to pass food so that people don't have to go searching.

If your venue allows outside restaurants, partner with those willing to donate the food in exchange for marketing.

Scatter tall cocktail/high-boy tables or sit-down tables so guests have a place to rest their glasses and eat.

Opt for nibbles and bites that don’t leave fingers messy or greasy and damage the merchandise.

If you go the restaurant partner route, look for ones that have recently opened as they will likely want exposure.

Fixed stations may require power outlets, so ask them about their power needs.A culinary “wow” factor is always fun – like pink (strawberry) and green (mint or pistachio) mini-milkshakes in shot glasses, or shoe cookies.

Provide plenty of bussers and trash receptacles.

Confirm a head count with restaurants/caterer at least a week before the event to plan for quantities.

Try to use recyclable utensils/plates. We want our stilettos to leave a small carbon footprint.

Don’t group your food stations. Spread them out.

Request menus from all restaurants so that you prevent duplicates or non-finger-friendly items. (Sliders are great, but not when everyone’s serving them.)

Use plates with wine glass holders. This makes it easy for guests to sip, shop, and nibble all at once.

Try to be considerate of vegetarians, gluten-free eaters, etc. Respecting dietary restrictions results in happy guests.

Guests abstaining from alcohol appreciate a non-alcoholic beverage station stocked with iced tea, water, coffee and hot tea. Click here for guidelines we suggest for Safe Alcohol service at your event. 









Culinary Committee Documents:

Culinary Checklist