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The Entertainment Chair takes charge of ALL entertainment aspects of the event. This may include: music, Best in Shoe, videos or slide shows, Step & Repeat, Cover Girl shoots, flow of the speaking program, photo booths, and moving people from point A to point B in a fun way. Find a creative person with a background in film or theatre.

Before you dive into the tasks for your committee, be sure to read the Great Ideas & Lessons Learned. After over 150 events we learned from our mistakes and are passing along the wisdom to you.

Step 1: Venue Recon ~ Check out your event venue to find out the following:

What does it look like?

Do they have built-in speakers?

Do their speakers cover the entire event space from valet to entrance, marketplace and fashion show?

Will you need to rent additional speakers?


Step 2: Entertainment Ideas ~ Essential Programs, click on each below:

Best in Shoe
Step & Repeat
Optional Programs 

Here is a video of the entire 2013 Sarasota seated program, not including the auction portion of the event.  It is an hour and fifteen minutes long so fast forward to just get an overview of how a well scripted and managed program looks. 

Step 3: Implementation ~ Once the program is decided, begin a plan for implementation. For example:

Hire your DJ

Hire your EmceeDecide on your Essential and Optional Program elements

Pick out your music for each segment

Put together a “Run of Show”

Review scripts for the Speaking Program

Hire you’re A/V company and review any Power Points or slide shows

Walkie-talkies or head sets are useful to coordinate the action between the front and backstage. Discuss renting with your Venue Committee or with your A/V company. 

Step 4: Scheduling

Schedule Rehearsals! Practice your Run of Show and your Speaking Program the week before the event

Elect an assistant to keep you to your schedule on event day

Step 5: Event Day

Has your DJ arrived 

Has the A/V company arrived? Are the speakers in the right places?

Has your assistant arrived?

You’ll be following the action as it unfolds. Before everyone moves from the Marketplace to the stage area for the show, you’ll go backstage and work with the DJ. At this point, your designated assistants will move people from the Marketplace to the stage area. The assistant(s) will also make sure your “hoopla” group is ready to go. 

Step 6: Thank You Notes

Send thank you notes to volunteers and anyone who donated time or equipment to your committee. Your charity will provide stationary.



Entertainment Committee Documents

Best in Shoe sample e-Blast
Entertainment Checklist
List of Suggested Music
Music Checklist
Sample Program Script
Sample Run of Show