COMMITTEES | Fashion Show

This committee manages a dazzling, and daunting duty—the Fashion Show. The committee recruits and trains models; obtains stylish fashions for show; organizes the show stage and sound systems; coordinates show choreography and music; manages volunteers for set-up and breakdown; and works with chairs on the budget. One word here makes all the difference between success and failure: teamwork. This enormous job requires a lot of collaboration. Collaboration with other committees. Collaboration with stylists and stores. Collaboration with models. Collaboration amongst your Fashion Show team.  

To view videos of Fashion Shows from some past events, click here.

Fashion Committee Process:

Step 1:  Decide: Fashion Show or No? (Hint: the pros outweigh the one con.)

Step 2:  Important Considerations

Step 3:  How to Approach the Fashion Show?

Fashion Show Approaches:

Approach 1:  Outsource to Department Store

Approach 2:  Outsource to Local Boutique(s)

Approach 3:  Bring in a Pro

Approach 4 Produce it In-House (Yourselves)




Fashion Show Committee Documents:

Fashion Show Checklist