COMMITTEES | PR & Marketing


This committee works closely with the Charity and has the major responsibility for promoting the event through PR & Marketing. This includes promotions, public relations, and marketing through partnerships, social media, etc. Ideally this group has connections in local media, knows local bloggers and is savvy with social media for pre-event buzz, all of which increase ticket sales.

This committee collaborates with the Charity to ensure that every ticket sells; makes follow-up calls to key individuals for ticket sales; guarantees that everyone associated with the event has the information needed to sell tickets; works with models, board and committee to fill tables; works with wine and fashion retail partners, and wine societies to promote event; finds creative ways to sell tickets (like hair salons, doctor's offices, etc.); creates incentives for ticket sales; works with chairs on budget. (For more on Ticket Sales, click here).

PR & Marketing divides into Two Steps

Step 1: Get Organized

Step 2: Strategize and Reach Out

Print, E-Blasts and Web

Promotional Video


Promotional Partnerships

Pitch to Media

Clever Copy




PR & Marketing Committee Documents

Graphics Production List
PR & Marketing Checklist