This committee solicits donations for guests’ gift bags, otherwise known as swag bags.  They also manage the collection of the donations, bag assembly, and timely delivery to the event and distribution at the event. Gifts may be from sponsors, event participants, or local businesses. One of the niftiest things about gift bags is that they provide an excellent marketing opportunity for your charity and local sponsors to engage every guest in a one-on-one way by sending them home with a special something.

Before you dive into the tasks for your committee, be sure to read the Swag Bags Great Ideas & Lessons Learned. After over 150 events we learned from our mistakes and are passing along the wisdom to you.

Great Ideas & Lessons Learned

Step 1: Find Sponsors and Swag

Step 2: Select Your Bag

Step 3: Receiving the Swag and Assembling the Bags

Step 4: Choose Your Delivery Method



Swag Bag Committee Documents

Sample Swag Bag Contents
wag Bag Checklist
Swag Bag Request One-Sheet

Great Swag Bag Resource

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