This committee recruits and manages the 20+ Shoe Guys*. The Chair of
this should be outgoing, a little flirty, and unafraid to chat up cute men to
bring them on board.

Before you dive into the tasks for your committee, be sure to read the Lessons Learned. After over 150 events we learned from our mistakes and are passing along the wisdom to you. For Shoe Guys Great Ideas & Lessons Learned, click here.

To see the Shoe Guy Testimonial Video, click here.

Shoe Guys* (a.k.a. Sole Men) serve several purposes during the event. They may:

Engage with guests and explain the charity mission.

Persuade guests to purchase items, such as shoes that they carry on trays.

Greet and assist guests; and/or

Sell raffle tickets and/or auction items, including their services as tableside waiters during the show. Have a contest to see who can sell the most raffle tickets, and purchase a 2-night stay at our WW&S Napa guest cottage as an incentive for the winner!


Want to know more about how Shoe Guys benefit these events?

To view The Benefits of Shoe Guys Power Point Presentation, click here.

Organize your Guys with the following:

Step 1: Invite Your Guys

Step 2: Maximizing Your Shoe Guys

Step 3: What They Wear

Step 4: Event Promotion

Step 5: Assigning & Training


*Shoe Guys is a registered trademark of Wine Women & Shoes.



Shoe Guy Committee Documents

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