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First, appoint well-connected chairs. It could be two "co-chairs" with complementing skills:

A "Connector": Knows everyone and convinces them to participate 

A "Detail Diva": Follows up with sponsors and ensures that they complete all of the paperwork

Whether or not there are two chairs, it's crucial to have people with these abilities. (Usually a connector is not good with paperwork and follow up, which is extremely important.)

 Engage every committee member to leverage connections in various industries.

Print out our Opportunities Table and hand it out at your committee meeting. It is a great resource with ideas for sponsorship, descriptions, suggested levels of sponsorship and how to pitch each.

Ask everyone to give a list of people they do business with: plumbers, contractors, doctors, and so on.  To see a picture of an attorney logo on the napkins click here.

 Create a target list of potential businesses sponsors. 

Potential corporate sponsors: plastic surgery centers; laser eye centers; dermatologists; banks; real estate agents; car dealerships; residential design/build companies; major corporations in your city; foundations; concierge doctors; hospitals or hospital groups; mortgage or refinancing companies; orthodontists; plumbers; flooring companies; cell phone companies; contractors or builders; oil companies; ag companies; large corporations. Think out of the box also--Roto Rooter (they're franchised and have funds they must spend on marketing; lawyers (for example, litigation specialists);  fertility clinics

For a list of the above ideas for Potential Sponsorships to hand out at your committee meeting, click here. Who does each person on your team know in these industries that they could contact about sponsoring the event?

For a spreadsheet of past sponsors and what industries they are in, click here.

New business are good targets.

Share our Sponsorship Video. It helped one of our charities obtain an elite $25K presenting sponsor!

The following links contain all the vital information you need for a successful Sponsorship Committee:

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