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Vintner Dinners can be wonderful additions to your Wine Women & Shoes event and can generate revenue, but if you don’t plan and market them correctly, they will fall flat quickly. If you are interested in hosting a Vintner Dinner—or several—read on, then decide if you are willing and able to take on the extra work necessary for success.

If you are having Vintner Dinners or Parties, you’ll need to:
Discuss vintner invite with WW&S Winery Relations Team during your kick-off call.

- Designate a Vintner Chair
- Find hosts and venues for each Vintner Dinner eight weeks prior to the event.
- Pair one Vintner Concierge per dinner location and introduce them to the hosts.
- Read the Vintner Dinner How To and share with Vintner Concierges and Hosts
- Recruit chefs and coordinate wine and food pairings.
- Manage invitations and guest list with Concierge.
- "wrangle" chefs, vintners, and hosts the day of the event. 

 A detailed list of what you'll need for the Vintner Dinner can be found on the Vintner Dinner ChecklistThe Vintner Chair is responsible for overseeing the Dinner hosts and the dinner Concierges. A detailed list of the Vintner Chair’s responsibilities can be found on the Vintners Chair Checklist.


Sarasota vintner dinner


Setting: Vintner Dinners are most successful when held in private homes of donors who are able to provide the right atmosphere. You will need to be able to secure a host or hosts who are willing to open their (amazing) home/s and also donate the dinner. Think about who in your community has a fabulous, Architectural Digest-worthy home that people would love to see. If your host's dining table will only seat 12, get creative. Sell it as a cocktail reception rather than a sit-down dinner, hold it outdoors on the grounds if you're certain the weather will be excellent, or (if your host's upholstery and carpet can handle it) have a casual indoor buffet. 

                   - For a Vintner Dinner Host Checklist, click here

                   - For the Vintner Concierge Checklist, click here.

We don't recommend attempting to hold your Vintner Dinner in a restaurant or other location - hotels, hospitals, country clubs, church banquet rooms - as they are nearly impossible to fill, and have prohibitive costs. 

A Vintner Dinner should feature just one or two wineries. If you choose to feature two, make sure they complement each other—don’t put two Cabernet producers together, rather choose a sparkling wine producer to match with a winery known for red wines or a great Chardonnay vintner with a fabulous Pinot Noir producer.

A Word about the Guest List & Tickets: A group of about 25 is ideal for a successful Vintner Dinner. Don’t offer tickets as bennies for sponsors and other event participants. Sell them to people who really want to be there and will show up. Price them high enough that you will net enough revenue to make all the extra hard work worth it.

Increase your Vintner Dinner revenue by having the vintners bring special lots—big bottles, art labels or older vintages—and offering a small silent auction during the evening or one live lot before dessert.

Be responsible. Your Vintner Dinners are held in private homes and your hosts will have given a ton, so be considerate and work with your vintners and Vintner Concierge to make sure the guests aren’t over-served alcohol (and don’t serve themselves) and that the event ends on time so that you can all get some well-deserved rest! The Vintner Concierge will need to have numbers for taxis (Uber, etc.) at the ready in case a guest needs a ride. Be sure to serve plenty of water and have some nice non-alcoholic beverages for any designated drivers.

Vintner Dinner Sample Menu - S. Walton/Sandestin, Justin Wines

Vintner Dinner Sample Menu - S. Walton/Sandestin, Jericho Canyon Wines and Sapere Aude Sparkling