This committee interacts with WW&S regarding winery relations and logistics from start to finish. They are vital in making sure that our esteemed winery partners have everything they need leading up to and at the event. This requires friendly, responsible, detail-oriented people.

We are here for you! The WW&S Winery Relations team will secure commitments from wineries using our contacts and yours. We create invitations specific to your event, gather WPA’s (Winery Participation Agreements), and manage all communications with the vintners and reps.

The team also helps you navigate winery logistics, alcohol compliance, and venue specific requirements. We’ll create a checklist of wines being poured and donated for auction, provide winery logos, and design an order form (if you are working with a retail partner). If your guest count is rising to more than 350, you'll need to increase the amount of wine to accommodate the additional guests. 

On the auction side of things, we coordinate two wine lots and a glamorous wine country trip, provide the gift certificates and imagery. We recommend adding another Napa trip to your live auction if it is selling for $3,000 or more. You may also increase the amount of wine based on the number of attendees. 

Vintners Chair Checklist
Vintner Dinner Checklist
Venue Selection
Winery Selections
Retail Wine Partners
Wine Related Auction Lots
Pouring Stations Supply List
Wine Station Passports
Safe Alcohol Service
Vintner Dinners
Accessing Important Documents, Winery Logos and Other Items