COMMITTEES | Volunteers

This committee holds the responsibility for volunteer activities.  They work with all other committees to determine volunteer needs, then liaise with volunteer “captains” for each major event area. They create a list of tasks; solicit volunteers; maintain a list of assignments; and coordinate volunteer training.

Magic Numbers

The number of volunteers you need totally depends on the level of service your event space provides. Think general set-up, auction set-up, check-in, food, wineries, vendors, greeters, breakdown, etc. Reach out to each committee chair and ask them how many people they need to execute their tasks.

Expect a 10% no-show and plan to have a group of flexible volunteers willing to jump in on the day of. It would not be a problem to have 10% too many volunteers!

Chain of Command

The volunteers report to the committee chairs/captains. The week before the event the committee chair(s) attends a logistics and site meeting. Come event day, all committee chairs/captains have walkie-talkies.

Volunteer Attire

It's helpful (and attractive!) to have your volunteers dressed in uniform outfits so they're easily identified. The Napa 2013 event used pink shirts and white pants or skirts.

Free Muscle

Mobilize local students—firefighter and police academy, athletic teams and other likely parties—to help vendors and staff set up, break down, and carry heavy items.

Hospitable Help

Encourage volunteers to always act friendly and helpful toward guests. Choose the nicest volunteers for positions interacting directly with guests, especially those giving first impressions at check-in.




Auction Acclaim

Assign volunteers to cheer and encourage bidders whenever someone bids during the auction. We call this the "hoopla" committee. 

Marketplace Mavens

For the Marketplace, assign at least one volunteer for each out-of-town vendor to assist with payment, set-up, etc. 

Pre-Event Prep 

Hold a pre-event line up with the volunteers.  If they are pouring wine, instruct them not to over-pour. 

Safe Alchol Service

Have one or two volunteers to monitor alcohol consumption, cut off over-served guests, and make sure everyone gets a safe ride home. 

Do Unto Others...

Be nice to volunteers! The word gets out for next year, and they can make a huge impact on the quality of your event. Definitely send out a thank you note and consider holding a post-event volunteer thank you party. 



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