COMMITTEES Honorary Committee


The Honorary Committee: 

The Honorary Committee is very different from the working committees. If you decide to have an Honorary Committee for your event, you will go about recruiting them separately and earlier from your working committees.

The Honorary Committee benefits the charity in a few key ways.

First, you will invite 20-40 high profile known charity donors to contribute to the event in order to be part of the Honorary Committee. These donors on average donate $500-$1,500. After you subtract the cost of their complimentary VIP tickets, you've potentially raised $5,000 to $50,000 before the event has even started!

Second, inviting inactive charity donors to be on the Honorary Committee can potentially reinvigorate their involvement in the charity. Since they will also receive one VIP ticket, it is very likely that they will promote the event and invite their friends to join them at the VIP level. This potential pendulum swing toward more VIP ticket sales can increase revenue for the charity.

Third, these tastemaker Honorary Committee members will talk up your event within their own social networks, potentially increasing both buzz and ticket sales.

For a sample Honorary Chair recruitment letter, click here. Of course, every charity and Event Chair can customize their invite and decide what the Honorary Committee member donation should be as well as the perks that go with it. A personal, handwritten note at the bottom of the letter is a nice touch that can be very effective.

For a sample committee sign up form, click here.