EVENT CHAIR & STAFF | Committee Descriptions


Event Chair(s) & Charity Staff: The Charity staff oversee the entire event. The Charity is the "board," with the final word on all matters, and assigns committee chairs to manage much of the event. Additionally they recruit Event Chair(s), and committees.

Event Chairs are “CEOs." They help build-out the team, manage it and ultimately report to the Charity. 

Having more than one Event Chair (i.e. "co-chairs") helps divide the workload. It also lets co-chairs focus on areas based on their abilities and personality, for example a  "connector" co-chair interacts with people, while an "operations specialist" co-chair focuses on logistics, etc. Some events even have three co-chairs.

Auction Chair(s) seek donations for live and silent auction lots, as well as Key-to-the-Closet. Find a good "multi-tasker."  A person with community connections and a well-rounded rolodex will shine here and contribute significantly to the bottom line. This chair also oversees coordinators.

Culinary Chair(s) guarantee guests are well-fed with a variety of options. Foodies apply here. Whether recruiting restaurants, hiring caterers or using a venue's kitchen, we all know food can make or break an event.

Entertainment Chair(s) manage the music, emcee, program contents, any speakers, Step & Repeat, photo booth fun, best dressed, Best in Shoe, and anything else you want to add.

Fashion Show Chair(s) manage all components of the show, from the fashion partner(s) that provide clothing for the models to the staging and music. Many locations choose to outsource the fashion show to a department store or professional stylist. If this is your path, you only need one Fashion Show Chair. If you’re producing the show yourself, this chair needs coordinators to oversee the various components, as noted in the org chart. The fashion show is simply too large to be produced by one person. For this chair we suggest a fashionable, organized person with a sense of the theatrical.

Host Committee Chair(s) recruit the Host Committee, who lend their names to the event and help build the mailing list.  This really needs to be a well-connected, well-liked individual who knows socially-influential people.

Marketplace Chair(s) secure the local and national fashion partners and retailers, and manage their communications and logistics. In making selections, it’s almost like you’re a buyer for a store. They work with the PR & Marketing Committee to make sure partners are promoting the event. They ensure that on the day of event, they staff sufficient volunteers for a smooth load in/load out. Two chairs are recommended: get a “connector” and a “detail diva.”

PR & Marketing Chair(s) creates a marketing strategy for your community; work with WW&S on communications calendar, manage printed material; works with chairs on budget; works with wine and fashion retail partners, and wine societies to promote event; assures that everyone associated with the event has the information needed to sell tickets; works with models, board and committee to fill tables; finds creative ways to sell tickets (like hair salons, doctors offices, etc.), makes follow-up calls to key individuals for ticket sales, assures that every ticket sells. The PR & Marketing Chair(s) manages event public relations. Ideally this person has connections in local media, knows local bloggers and is savvy with Facebook and Twitter for pre-event buzz, which increase ticket sales.

Print & Graphics Chair(s) is a sub-committee of PR & Marketing and may not be necessary since our Graphics team will usually work directly with the Event Chair & Staff to create your materials, but each event is different. Truthfully, the less chefs in the graphics kitchen the better.

Shoe Guys Chair(s) recruit and manage the 20+ Shoe Guys. These men are not just pretty faces, they are charismatic, civic-minded members of your community who can add value to your event. On event day, the chair(s) ensure that the men arrive on time, dress appropriately, and understand their role. Most chairs consider this a very fun job, and it requires someone outgoing and unafraid to recruit charming men.

Sponsorship Chair(s) create partnerships and win-wins. They are business-development savvy, outgoing people with community connections. They know how to sell potential sponsors on the WW&S opportunity for business promotion. They view sales as partnerships, created to benefit the sponsor, the event, and ultimately the cause, and enjoy connecting these components together.

Swag Bag Chair(s) solicit donations for guests' gift bags (swag bags). Gifts may be from sponsors, event participants, or local businesses. They manage the collection of donations, bag assembly, timely delivery to the event, and delivery at the event.

Venue/Logistics Chair(s) manages the decor, as well as logistical nuts and bolts of the event: rentals, lighting, sound system, etc. Basically the Venue/Logistics Chair(s) are responsible for all site pre-event and event day minutiae. They put out fires on event day. Ideal candidates possess a sense of style and organization skills and stay cool under pressure. They recruit assistants, including a decor coordinator with fabulous ideas for unique, eye-catching visuals.

Vintner Chair(s) communicates any brand preferences to WW&S, coordinates partnership with a wine shop to promote event and take orders at event. They communicate winery needs to the Venue Chair for rentals, ensure all wine deliveries happen smoothly, greet wineries when they arrive and help tend to their needs. If you’re having Vintner Dinners, this job also organizes vintner concierges and wine delivery. This person knows the difference between a chardonnay and a sauvignon blanc and is a detail-oriented person.

Volunteer Chair(s) collect all names of potential volunteers, contact them, and assign them to committees, where individual committee chairs manage them.  This role needs someone who manages others well in a high-stress situation. We suggest a detail-oriented ninja master of the spreadsheet, who's great with following up.