EVENT CHAIR & STAFF | Speaking Program

The charity oversees the speaking program. Speaking happens after Marketplace and before the Fashion Show.  It usually takes place on the same stage as the Fashion Show and is a collaboration with the Entertainment Committee and Auction Committee. It incorporates entertaining elements of the events, such as the Best in Shoe. Think of it as a variety show.

To view a sample Speaking Script/Run of Show, click here.

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Purposes of a Speaking Program:

Describes the event’s charity mission

Emotionally tugs at audience heartstrings, reminding them of the mission, so that they spend money during the auction 

Publicly acknowledges the significant time, money and efforts of key players by name: sponsors, Shoe Guys (by name and profession), wineries, vendors, and other key players. This goes a long way with people. They appreciate it and will remember it next year.  Be sure to introduce everyone before the Fashion Show.

Acknowledgement Tips:

Shoe Guys: Do something fun to introduce the Shoe Guys by name and perhaps profession. Introduce them before the fashion show.

Be sure to acknowledge your attending Vintners, but keep it snappy and keep the program moving.