Why have VIP tickets?

VIP tickets attract a higher-level clientele and increase your profit margin. Everybody wants to be a VIP, so use them as a major marketing incentive. You will charge more for VIP tickets, but you also will actually sell more VIP tickets. At the Napa Valley event, for two years, they sold two-thirds VIP tickets ($250) and one-third general admission ($150). Call the VIP tickets something cute like "Platinum Pump" tickets. Work with your PR & Marketing Committee to promote these tickets.

Benefits to Describe When Marketing VIP Tickets:

Designated VIP parking areas or valet parking.

DON'T have an early VIP hour; it will throw off the timing of the entire event. There are plenty of other things you can offer VIP ticket holders that they will enjoy much more and that will be easier for you.

Special VIP lanyards for people to wear (think backstage passes). One idea is 3" x 5" printed tags on ribbons worn around the neck.

During the Fashion Show, the VIPs get table seating (round tables along the runway), food and wine service (courtesy of the vintners and Shoe Guys), and a special gift bag.

General admission guests receive theater-style seating for the fashion show and they do not receive wine or food service.

Proximity to the fashion/auction stage is determined by contract receipt date, so book early for the best seats!

For an up-charge on the VIP tickets, offer specialGirlfriend Section" seating during the fashion show and auction. In one market, the "Girlfriend Section" was lounge seating on either side of the runway. Each section could hold 12 people. They had their own Shoe Guy to provide the wine service.

Create extra-special Swag Bags for VIPs.