GET STARTED | Sponsorship

Suggested Steps:

Appoint a well-connected Sponsorship Chair. Do this before proceeding further.

Engage every committee member to leverage connections in various industries.

Create a target list of businesses, including any newly opened businesses in your market, which you might approach.

Create custom sponsorship opportunities and market them.

Sponsorship Presentation A

Sponsorship Presentation B


WW&S suggests approaching the following:

Potential corporate sponsors: Plastic surgery centers, laser eye centers; dermatologists, banks, real estate agents, car dealerships, major corporations in your city, foundations, a WNBA team, concierge doctors, hospitals or hospital groups, contractors and builders, oil companies, agricultural companies.

Potential media partners: TV, radio, magazines, bloggers, newspapers


To view a complete list of sponsors who have supported our events across the country, click here.