Make Me Your Shoemmelier (or Sole Mate)

If you have VIP tables for the Fashion Show and the Shoe Guys are willing, you can auction them off to be personal sommeliers for the tables. 


Before the event, upload the Shoe Guys' photos and short bios to your web page.

Start with minimum bids of $300 per table.

Only VIP ticket holders can pre-bid (first dibs) on a Shoe Guy.

On event day, if a Shoe Guy is "purchased" they wear a shoe tag saying "I am the Shoemmelier for XYZ table".

Shoe Guys who are not pre-bid can wear tags/buttons that say "Make me your Shoemmelier" and have bid-sheets at a table (like other Silent Auction items).

Close the Shoe Guys bidding just before the Silent Auction.

Volunteers gather bid sheets and delievers them to registration where they assign winning bidders and make Shoemmelier tags for each Shoe Guy.

Each Shoe Guy can increase his value by promoting extra goodies that he "brings to the table". This is a great way for them to make a big difference, or even market their company.

Fund a Cause (Cash Call)

This "Cash Call" portion of your live auction is extremely important.  Tie the Fund a Cause to concrete outcomes (example:10K gets X number of kids out of foster care, saving the state X number of $$).

This occurs 1/2 to 2/3 into the auction, when the audience is warmed up but not worn out.

A "Heartfelt Story" immediately precedes the Fund a Cause. You need to have video for the full impact. A live person has a challenge of being fallible--too long-winded, boring, not good at triggering people's emotions.

For even more on the Fund a Cause element, look at Step Five for the Auction Committee.

Car for the Weekend Auction Lots

At one event, Bentley donated a "Car for the Weekend" in the Live Auction.  After the event, the winning bidder got to drvie out in the Car for the Weekend.

One of a Kind donations from staff

Enlist the charity staff or committee members to donate unique items or experiences that reflect the personality of your staff and your cause. With 10 lots at about $200 each, this is a fun and eacy way to bring in about $2,000. Examples: Margarita party, pies for a year, unicycle lessons, bird watching hike, dance lessons, parachute play session for kids, bassoon lessons, etc.

Honey "Do" Lots ~ Home improvement

The following example sold twice for $6500:

12 pros complete your home improvment needs, including:
Architect - 2 hours of consulting services/Construction - one day of space planning design and one improvement service
Construction - Will fix a little this and that
Electric - 8 hours of design and installation or repair work
Design - Design drawings of cabinetry for whatever room you choose
Design - 4 hours of servies ranging from interior design, landscape, staging, shopping
Painting - 8 hours of "Man"ual labor to paint an interior room
Cleaning - will clean windows, blinds, gutters, and air ducts
Art - Home consultation and $750 gift card for a fine art piece
Landscaping - 1 hour consultation and $70 worth of materials
IT Servies - 1 on-site visit to your home
Spa rewards - $300 gift certificate for spa services

Shoe Guys Dinner

Ask a group of your Shoe Guys to donate a lot, such as a dinner.  Have them come on stage and work the audience during bidding, while playing a fun song like "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" by the Rod Stewart.  Give out fun props to the auction winner.

Firemen Dinner

Ask local Firemen to donate a dinner for six or more women at their Firehouse. Get them to attend and work the crowd. Play a song like "Fire" by the Ohio Players. Give plastic Firemen hats to the winning bidders.

Sample lot copy:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a full crew of firefighters prepare and serve a fabulous meal for you and seven the firehouse? Well turn on the air conditioning as it's going to get HOT. These hometown heroes are multi-talented and have planned a wonderful evening that includes: gourmet bites, fine wines, dinner (of course), dessert and cordials! And if the buzzer rings.... get ready to see some action! Estimated Value: Priceless (sold twice for $3500 per).


Guns 'n' Hoses


A bunch of hunky firemen not enough for your event?

Ask some local law enforcement to join the firemen for a joint auction lot. One idea: the lot could include dinner with the firemen and local sheriffs/police and some fire safety, self-defense and home safety tips from the handsome professionals.

Girls night IN for 20 at a fabulous house

Fun Learning and Outdoors Opportunities: What about something fun like fly fishing class for women on a local river or private lake? You can add a lunch.

Buy a Spot

“Buy a Spot” events are popular and lucrative. These are experiences for larger numbers of people (20 - 50) where participation is sold individually. For example, a dance party for 75 at a fabulous home and participation is sold for $150 per person. One event had five Buy a Spot experiences and put them on big boards in the Silent Auction with great photos to make the lot display. One lot that did really well at another event was a sleep over in a private barn with movie and pizza for kids. It was $75 per kid with drop off at 6pm and pick up the following morning at 10am. At the same event, they sold spots for a Cave Man Can Dance party, which WW&S founder Elaine Honig can attest was a wild night of fun. Turkey legs were served, cave man/woman attire was required, and they had a few stylists there doing "cave woman hair" for the female guests. Basically Buy a Spot is a creative party at a beautiful large home.

Wine Tasting

Auction a wine tasting with an educational aspect, perhaps led by a Master Sommelier, for six to 12 people. This can usually be donated by a local wine rep and then catering can be found to provide edibles or a meal with it. Our wine team can help provide copy and information for you.

VIP Access for Next Year

Offer 4 -8 VIP seats to the following year's event with a personal Shoe Guy for their table and limo service (optional). Perhaps offer them the opportunity to be in the Fashion Show, pre-event make-up and hair, gift certificates to stores, etc.

Man in the Mirror

Restock your man's closet with high-end clothing (Hugo Boss for example, about a $1500 value). Imagine coming home to your honey and saying, "Darling, look what I bought for you!"

Sir Mix a Lot

A mixology class for 20 guests at their home with a professional mixologist and bar tender. One was donated to Sarasota by the Ritz-Carlton and valued at $1200.