This coordinator(s) oversee the lot displays for: silent auction lots; live auction lots; and the Key-to-the-Closet. It's great if they have some background in interior design, or merchandising.       

Create displays for both Silent AND Llive Auction lots so guests can “see” what they’re bidding on (photos of the winery, etc.) is fundamental. 

See and Download Auction Display Templates 

Borrow or buy props and frames to create a "still life" display for each lot.

Certain lots (wine magnums, etc.) speak for themselves and don't require much display room. Others (trips, spa days, interior design consultation, etc.) become more appealing with photos or props. 

Dedicate one to two feet on a display table for the more complex packages. It makes a huge difference if they are not all crammed together. 

Each silent lot display should be a minimum of 20 inches wide.

Each live lot display should be a minimum 30 inches wide.

Locate Silent Auction and Key-to-the-Closet in a central locations (center of the room, etc.) at the event so that they are seen. When displays are hidden or located at an event entrance, guests forget about the auctions. 

Good lot display HUGELY impacts revenue--not only with Silent, but with Live Auction. It's worth taking the time to do this well.

Don't forget to list the value of your items. People like to have a frame of reference for what they should pay.

Visible Signage

This is the purview of the Print & Graphics person. Make sure that you coordinate with this person to make it happen.

Signs Identifying Tables

It's VERY helpful to have tall signage so people can find the auction tables among the other tables at the event. The best tall signage we've seen was visible above people's heads, so when we scanned the room, we could see where everything was. Warning:  Failure to have visible signage can absolutely result in low bidding. We've seen it happen.

Signs Describing Auction Lots

You need display signs that describe auction items, including Silent, Live, and Make Me Your Shoemmelier. It's particularly nice if they're all framed uniformly.

Signs Promoting Auction Lots

You can promote Auction lots with sign. For example, you may place signs that describe auction items on Shoe Guy trays. 

Dress Forms

If you have a dress in your Key-to-the-Closet, it looks so much better when it's on a dress form. If you can get one, terrific!