Solicit auction lots.

Pick up the phone or ask in person. Once the donation is confirmed, use official stationary (created by the Event and Marketing Chairs) to follow up.

For a Sample Solicitation Letter, click here.

For a One Sheet Donation Request Template, click here.

For Auction Donation Template 1, click here.

For Auction Donation Template 2, click here.

Meet frequently.

Continue meeting up as a committee so you begin to see what’s been acquired and in what category. From there you can potentially group items together.

Track your lots.

Create inventory spread sheets. You will receive more shipments than you care to count. Designate someone to receive and inventory all incoming lot items by sub-committee. Then store them in a safe, long-term area. Some items may go missing, so we suggest a receipt deadline of two weeks prior to the event date so everything can be accounted for in advance.

For a Sample Inventory Spreadsheet, click here.