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Timeline: Begin to strategize eight months out. It’s never too early. For a sample Auction Checklist, click here.

Start thinking about ideal auctioneers for your crowd. The best auctioneers book up months in advance. Be careful to get an auctioneer that suits your audience. Typical yodeling auctioneers (think cattle auction) don't work for these events.

Lots that WW&S offers:
To review the lots that we provide you,
click here.  You also have the option of doubling or tripling the Napa trip for your live auction for $1200 for each additional trip.  If it is selling for $3,000 or more, ask your auctioneer to double or triple it.

Consigment Auction Lots: 
To review information for trips to Montana, Bali, Italy, Mexico, and Four Sisters Inns,
click here.

Acquisition of Additional Lots:
Enlist all committees to ask for donations. For example, with Key-to-the-Closet, it makes a huge difference if each member brings in an item or two. Click here to download Auction Donation Template 1, click here to download Auction Donation Template 2. 

Get Creative:
Brainstorm about your ideal lots. Think, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had…” A dinner at a fabulous home? A weekend in someone’s ski cabin? A trip to Mexico?

For some Auction Lot Samples and Ideas, including a cash call (which we call Fund a Cause), click here.