With everything going on in your event, people often forget about relating the purpose: the charity's mission. In addition to mentioning the mission during your speaking program, remind guests at every opportunity DURING the event, through decor & staff. This page gives you some ideas of how to do that.

Ideas and Inspiration

Shoe Guys

Train the Shoe Guys to relate your charity's mission. Give each Guy a single talking point for them to remember the day of the event. We find it’s much easier for people to remember a single point rather than general information. How it works is you all create 10 - 15 talking points and put one each on a strip of paper, sort of like a fortune cookie fortune but bigger, then give each Guy one talking point to make their own. The Shoe Guy weaves that single point into his conversation through out the event. They can bring this up with the guests as they work the event. The more educated everyone is on what the charity does, the better.

This goes for people selling raffle tickets as well. One lady at an event said she was approached by a Shoe Guy to buy a raffle ticket. At first she said no, but after he explained the hospital mission and what does to service low income people she bought $50 worth of tickets.

Mission-Themed Posters:


Staff on Stage with Flip Books


In Sarasota, they had staff get on stage and hold over sized flip books with words about how they impact their clientele. This was a quiet but very effective way to talk about their mission, and the audience responded strongly.  To see a video of this mission moment click here. 

Strategically place posters (on easels, etc.)  around the event space.Mission-Themed Décor:

Incorporate your charity mission into your décor. Click here for a link to a table painted with a mission quote.

One charity put mission statements on black paper in frames around the event. They also used framed mirrors and wrote their mission statement on them using wax pencils. Click here to view the photo.

Mission-Themed Video:

Create a compelling two minute video or PowerPoint "photo essay" to music and show it during the event.