COMMITTEES | Entertainment


Coordinate with your Live Auction Committee to make the Live Auction more entertaining.


The music crescendos as the bids increase.  You may hand out tambourines or noisemakers to encourage hoopla.


Designate an "official" group of people (maybe volunteers, so work with the Volunteer Committee Chair) to really whoop it up as people bid, and create excitement in the room. Give them tambourines or noisemakers.

Thank You Gifts

Have your hoopla people give gifts to winners of lots to publicly acknowledge them. Maybe a Mardi Gras necklace? A
bottle of Champagne?  At one event winners of the Fireman Dinner lot received cute hats (it was held in a Firehouse).

AV System

If you have a big screen monitor, make sure that  photos of the Live Auction lots appear on these during bidding.


Create a display for Live Auction lots around the Silent Auction area, so that people can see what's coming and get excited about it.