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This is a HUGELY important aspect of the event. Music energizes people and helps move along elements in the show. Thus it has a place during literally every part of the event.

To view and download music checklist, click here.

To view and download event music ideas, click here.

To view a sample Run of Show, click here.

Be sure to have music for the following aspects and locations of the event:

Valet, Check In and Marketplace (People should hear upbeat music from the minute they arrive, until they depart. It definitely puts folks in the mood for having a good time.)

Between event elements (
to move people from point to point, for example, move people from Marketplace to Fashion Show) For Music to Move People ideas, click here

Introducing Shoe Guys (for music to introduce Shoe Guys ideas, click here)

Speaking Program (
there should be music between speakers)

Live Auction (music crescendos as the bids increase )

Fashion Show (The fashion show has a Music/Choreography Coordinator who decides what music to use. You'll sit backstage, with the DJ if you have one, during the show to ensure that everything runs smoothly.)


For the music, you'll need to hire:

A/V company, which installs speakers, if you venue doesn't have them

DJ: We strongly advise a DJ. If you don't hire one, WW&S can provide CDs with the appropriate music for your event.