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Photo Booth Fun

Renting a photo booth is really fun for guests and a great way for people to remember your event.

Mission Statement Video

Show a compelling video that communicates the charity’s mission. We’ve seen success when such a video is played prior to or during the Live Auction. Try to keep it to two or three minutes.

Best Dressed Contest

Have two or three undercover judges greet guests at the door to select two winners: one Classic category and one Fashion Forward category. This contest is another sponsorship opportunity as well as fun for guests.

Event Entrance

In addition to your music, have some other entertainment at the entrance; live music or performers, or models on raised platforms.

Conga Line

Designate energetic volunteers to start and lead the conga line formation, rallying guests as a segue from sipping and shopping to the seated program.

Dance Performance

Have a local dance troop or school do a fun, choreographed performance to a high energy girl-power song. Another idea in this vein—a flash mob!

Cover Girl Photo Shoot

Partner with a local social magazine who can set up a “cover girl” photo shoot on site at your event with a fun backdrop. Guests can grab sole sisters or sole mates and strike a pose with a pro photographer’s direction.

Using an on-site color printer, the magazine can print your 5x7 copy with the magazine’s masthead at the top so it looks like a true cover photo. Charge $20 for each print. Half will go to the charity and half to the magazine to cover costs. The exposure for the magazine is incredible and it makes money for the charity. This idea netted $2,000 for one of our charity partners. Work with the Sponsorship and Outreach Committees on this idea.

Big Screen Monitors

Big screen monitors are a fabulous asset, but shouldn't replace event signage.

Big screens can be used in a variety of ways:

Promote the charity mission

Promote sponsors

Promote Key-to-the-Closet

Promote auction items

Show event photos real time

Luxury Logo Tattoos (Temporary)

Have an artist apply luxury brand logo tattoos, such as Chanel’s double C or the Louis Vuitton LV.

Eyelash Extensions

Have tables for eyelash extensions. The eyelash providers would charge a discounted rate which would go to the charity and they get the advertising.