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The "paparazzi" red carpet and banner backdrop can generate a lot of buzz at your event and ideal photos for sponsors given logo exposure.

Work closely with the Sponsorship Chair on this.

As a sponsorship package, offer the logo-printed backdrop (called a "Step & Repeat") and red carpet as a photo opp.

The backdrop can be limited to one sponsor buying this package exclusively or it can be co-sponsored with two or three brands sharing the backdrop.

Backdrop works best with no more than three logos repeated horizontally.

Have several photographers (magazines, local papers and freelancers with websites) so it feels like paparazzi with lots of flashes going off. We also suggest having a woman doing Joan Rivers-style interviews with a video cameraman catching it all on tape.

Place this INSIDE your event. If you put it at the entrance women will skip it and forget. But if they have a couple of glasses, they'll want a photo.

After the event, post the pictures on the event Facebook page, where guess can see them, tag themselves, and save the pictures to their phones and computers.