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Approach 3 – Bring in a Pro

To see what our fun and fabulous shows look like, click here.

A professional (perhaps volunteer) stylist does it all from soup to nuts or just the clothing part. We have seen professional stylists do amazing jobs at several of our events and the fees range from $3,500 on the low side to $7,000.

It includes:

Selecting the clothing from a variety of boutiques and department stores

Securing the hair and make-up artists from a local salon who donate their time  

Putting together the play list for the fashion show. Is their music right? Run it by us. Music is very important. It must be fun and upbeat. No slow songs. We have pre-recorded mixes you can use that go to 28 minutes in length.

For a sample playlist, click here.
For more information on Music and Choreography, click here.

Fitting the models

Choreographing the show and rehearsing the models

Transporting the clothes to the event site the day of and managing the security

Packing it all back up and returning them unharmed to the stores

Important Notes:  

Have an agreement with your stylist so s/he knows what you expect. For a sample Stylist Agreement, click here.

So that your professionals understand what you expect, ensure they read all of the fashion show sections on the How To:  

Music and Choreography
Staging and Sound

Ensure the show they're planning is really fun, but still sophisticated. (No goofy hats, please.)

Speak with the Outreach Committee Chair and find out if they are negotiating a magazine partnership. If so, the magazine may provide a stylist to assist with the fashion show. Many have stylists in house, or under retainer. This should be requested in the beginning of the negotiations of the partnership.