COMMITTEES | Fashion Show


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The music and choreography generate much of the show’s energy. It's like creating theater. This coordinator should have a background in (or at least an understanding of) theater and choreography. High schools and local colleges are a good place to find such a person; think cheerleading coach, dance teachers, drama teachers.                                     

Ideas and Inspiration

NOTE: The below ideas apply by and large to community models, although you do want professional models to also look like they're having fun on stage.

Great music is essential: Two minute song segments are best with a smooth transition between each song.  The WW&S team can provide a play list if desired.

Hire a DJ (who also works Marketplace)

Have absolutely NO narration at all during the show (it can sound hokey).

Make sure that all of your songs are upbeat and energizing.  If people like the songs they will have fun.

Song Ideas for the Show

Choreograph some models to walk solo and some to walk in pairs, giving the show more texture.

Have varied choreography, with models dancing and having a good time. But keep it simple. It's not a dance recital.

Remind models to have fun! But again, understand the difference between hokey/dopey and cute/clever.

Vary the choreography and runway-walking pattern. Don't have everyone go the same direction over and over again. That is repetitive and boring.

Think of choreographing the Fashion Show as creating theater. All the timing should be just right for the intro and finale.  

Have the first model walk out to a dramatic beat.

Have two or three single models, then send in a pair.

Mix old fun songs and contemporary music--don't segregate them, mix them together

Don't use the entire song. Your DJ should cut only the fun, fast parts of the song.  Use at least 1.5 min of each song.  See our sample mix here. Songs should blend well.

We have mixes that you can use.

No long pauses and never have an empty runway.

Release a model about every 30 seconds.

Have a dress rehearsal if possible.

A maximum 18-20 minute show is the perfect amount of time before the audience becomes restless.

Keep it flowing – make sure there isn’t too much time elapsing between each model. Try to keep multiple models on the runway at a time.

Run through your fashion show mix with the DJ to make sure there aren’t any slow spots or breaks in the music. Even a four second pause between songs is painful for the models.