COMMITTEES | Fashion Show

STEP 1: DECIDE: FASHION SHOW OR NO? (hint: the pros outweigh the one con)


We strongly recommend having a fashion show. It makes your event more fun, and improves outreach, communication and fundraising.  Ultimately it makes your event MUCH stronger.  We lay out the pros and one con below.

For brainstorming initial ideas, click here.

PRO: Opportunity for better Mission Outreach  

Outreach with community models: When choosing community models, you invite influential locals. They get invested in the mission, and invite friends and supporters, who come to the event to cheer them on.  Voila, your mission message spreads!

To see our Model invitation, click here.

Outreach with local businesses: Reach out to local businesses and sponsors to provide models and buy tables. Do they have compatible in-house missions? They may buy model spaces to honor valued female employees, launch in-house contests for employees to win spaces, and/or buy tables for valued females employees or clients. Your mission message spreads among employees, clients, and their friends and family.


PRO: Opportunity for Increased Revenue and Fundraising  

Sponsor revenue: sponsors pay to provide models for the show.
Auction revenue:  an opportunity to hold a live auction before the fashion show.
Make Me Your Shoemellier revenue: chance to implement this program


PRO: Opportunity for Better Communication

Without a fashion show, it's very hard to get audience attention. No one wants to stop shopping and socializing to listen. But with a fashion show, everyone is seated, and listening. Now you have excellent opportunities to:

Talk about the charity mission
Hold a Best in Shoe contest
Have Shoe Guys deliver swag bags


PRO: Opportunity to be THE Glamorous, Fun, Original Event in Your Region

What value can you place on a reputation for fun?


CON: More Work and Expense

But we know it results in better revenue.  Why hold a fundraiser at all if you don't want it to be the best it can be?!?