COMMITTEES | Fashion Show


First, you need a Fashion Show Chair. If you produce it yourselves, "in-house", you will also need four coordinators (see under Approach 4).

Here are four ways to approach producing your show (for details, click on each approach):

Approach 1

Outsource it to a department store. (Higher-end stores will require professional models.) You’ll still need to manage this and coordinate the staging, lighting, sound, etc. We highly recommend styling the show in segments. For an example of a segmented show, click here.

Approach 2

Outsource it to a local boutique or a couple of boutiques. They will still need managing, including choreography/music oversight, and styling help, as well as backstage assistance.

Approach 3

Bring in a professional or volunteer stylist to produce it for you. Finding one who will donate all this time can be hard, so don’t get your hopes up. Either donated or paid, they will need managing and might need choreography and styling help as well as backstage help.

Approach 4

Produce it "in-house". If you do this, you’ll need a committee, and several coordinators.