COMMITTEES | Fashion Show

STEP 2: IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS (guidelines you need to know)

What does a great WW&S fashion show look like? To view some of the videos and photos of past successful Fashion Shows, click here.

An ideal show is 18 to 20 minutes. If it goes longer than this, it gets dull.

Send out a model
about every 30 seconds.

Count on twice as many looks
for the total running time as the show. If your show is 18 minutes, you'll need 36 different outfits--and more than this if you send out more than one model at a time.

Don't narrate the show.
This saps the energy and reduces the sophistication. They don't narrate New York Fashion Week shows. If you need to talk about the clothes and models, put it in the program on a loose sheet or on the chairs or tables.

It’s been really fun
to see men in the shows, so include two or three.

Breaking the show into segments--
creates more theater.

Create theater with simple choreography
and wow moments. We elaborate on the
Music and Choreography page.

Have the models smile and play it up. Even if they are professionals, it’s way more fun to see the models smile than have the model pout, which is a big downer. Adding simple things like taking off sunglasses, adding a dance step, a wink or blown kiss can make a big impact.

Music is very important.
It must be fun and upbeat. No slow songs. We have pre-recorded mixes you can use that go to 28 mins in length. For a sample playlist,
click here.

Professional models are beautiful while community models are soulful and fun. The direction you go depends on several things to consider, which are laid out on the Models page.

Protect your borrowed clothes!
Make sure clothing is not damaged, and is returned at the end of the show. It’s sad, but yes, people do steal from charities. And models can be unwittingly careless.