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For a Sample Schematic Layout for an event with a Fashion Show, click here.
For Marketplace photos to give you ideas, click here.
For signage for all vendors and wineries, click here.

Color-coding is a great way to distinguish vintners from fashion vendors whether you use tablecloths to do so or signage.

Make sure the Shoe Guys know which vendor their merchandise belongs to so they can direct guests to that table.

Mix up the vintners and vendors so no one ever has to go far to get more wine – it is no fun keeping people divided in their respective “corners.”

Try to position Silent Auction and Key-to-the-Closet displays within the Marketplace.

Volunteers: Have at least one for each out-of-town vendor to assist with payment, set-up, etc.

Music: Collaborate with the Entertainment Coordinator for appropriate marketplace music.



Supplies: (The Venue Committee procures these items, so check in with them.)

Heat Lamps - If it’s an evening event outside and you know the temperature drops at that time, rent these

Tents, Awnings, Umbrellas - If the event is outside during the day, especially in summer, provide shade so no one
(or wine) bakes in the sun

Fans - If the venue doesn’t have air conditioning, rent a lot of fans.

Lights - Illuminate merchandise for each vendor, especially if the room is dark


Shoe vendors need more space and tables than other vendors. Set the space up like a mini shoe salon and give them roughly 15' x 15'. The vendors usually adjust the tables, chairs, and 5' x 7' carpets once they get there. They like to store the boxes of shoes against the wall. This way they are easy to get to and have something to lean against.  It's a hassle to store shoe boxes under the table because they have to bend over, lift the drape, and dig around for the shoes. 

Supplies: Shoes (the Venue Committee procures these items)

Mirrors - One full-length mirror per vendor

Carpets - These are EXTREMELY important because they preserve the bottoms of new shoes. Provide one 5' x 7' (minimum size) carpet (not a rubber mat) per shoe vendor. And if the marketplace is on grass, provide plywood under the carpet so guests can stand.

Chairs and benches: Guests sit while trying on footwear

Tables - Eight or nine eight-foot tables (speak with vendors individually about needs, generally shoe vendors need more room for box storage and display)



Supplies: Clothing and Accessories (The Venue Committee procures these items)

Mirrors - One tabletop and one full-length mirror per vendor
Tables - Two or three eight-foot tables (clothing/accessory vendors need less than shoe vendors) 
Lighting - We can't stress enough how important good lighting is. If they can't see it, they won't buy it.