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The following are some ideas for stories to pitch to media.


For a sample pre-event press release, click here.


How does her closet reflect the woman and where she is in her life? Exercise clothes, black tie, work, jeans, gardening, etc. Use the models, chair, committee members, and/or women helped by the charity as the subjects.

Talk about what families give up when they are displaced. How this would impact their closets. Little things we don’t think about, like not having any work clothes, etc.

Well-designed closets, unusual closets (entire rooms, etc.) of women involved in the event.

A series of articles asking different women involved in the event “What’s your favorite thing in your closet and why?" 
Make these meaningful answers. 

Shoe Collections:

Interesting and/or extensive shoe collections of women involved in the event (models, committee, charity staff)

Talk about how women collect shoes and why. We always feel good in shoes. This is universal.

Bring in historic shoes, etc.

A series of articles asking different women involved in the event “Tell me about your favorite shoes? Why?”  Great stories about their shoes that reflect the woman (e.g. hiked Africa in them, wore them to first job interview, best Valentine’s Day gift ever).

Walk in Her Shoes:

Talk about the people the charity helps – inspiring stories.

Talk about the models

Talk about people on the committee and board who are inspiring.

Models: Profile the models, the companies and why they are honored. This can be a part of the sponsor benefits.  

Shoe Guys: What is a Shoe Guy and who are they?  A series of or a single article with profiles and inspiring stories

Green Events: How do you make an event green and how WW&S is doing this?

Basic: What is WW&S?  Who is the Charity: committee, models, partners, sponsors, vintners, et al? 

Vintners: Pitch profiles on visiting women vintners who are helping the charity raise money–who they are and stories behind their wines. 

Day Of: Story on the event with photographer

Post Event:

Success of the event!

Interesting auction lots and moments

For a Sample Post-Event Press Release, click here.

For Sample Post-Event Press, click here.