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Pitch your story to a local news outlet or recruit a prominent ad agency (or a local radio or TV station with staff and equipment) to volunteer personnel and create pro bono promotional videos or a PSA for your charity.

WW&S can customize a PSA (Public Service Announcement) video for your event. It can be used to attract sponsors, attendees, partners, etc. We also have a non event specific sponsor video with testimonials they can use, which is very effective.

If we create your promo video before you have a big sponsor, the sponsor slide can be the charity mission statement. If you make it after you've recruited all your sponsors, the most important sponsor(s) slides will be placed at the front and the other sponsors logos will appear at the end of the video. 

Digital logo files for sponsors or the charity must be high resolution so that they don't appear pixilated in the video. We need something about 1 MB in size, 300 dpi minimum. Contact our graphics department if you have questions about this.

Ideally, this video will be embedded in your event webpage and you can send people there to view it.

For a WW&S Event Promo Sample Video, click here.

For a Post-Event Sample Video, click here. A great post-event video can be a strong tool for getting sponsorship for next year’s event. If filming at your event, you may want to post this appearance release document (see above), so that attendees are aware that they may appear on camera.

Here’s a sample radio PSA script:

CASA of Kern County invites you to “change your shoes and change a child’s life” at this year’s Wine Women and Shoes event presented by Dignity Health Mercy Memorial Hospitals.

On Saturday October 5th, you’ll sip fine wines, savor tasty bites, shop our boutique marketplace, flirt with Shoe Guys, and take in high-style at our runway fashion show. Reserve your ticket at Wine Women and Shoes dot com slash casa kc. Wine Women & Shoes October there…be fabulous!