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As stated on the PR & Marketing Committee Landing Page, the goal is to make sure that every ticket sells, but actually what we’ve seen as a best practice is to over sell the tickets by 10%. Don’t hoard tickets thinking they will be in high demand just before the event, and also plan for no-shows (you can sell their spots twice). You will create extra revenue for your charity and delight customers who now get to attend. 

Another thing to strongly consider is reducing the number of tickets that go with the Sponsorship Packages. Sponsors don’t care about these free tickets as much as you might think they do, and they end up giving them to staff at the last minute (for example, a busy bank executive will hand them out to the tellers).


In short, reduce the number of Sponsor tickets, over sell the event by 5% on the conservative side and 10% on the confident side, and you will increase ticket revenue, increase the number and quality of attendees who will spend money.