Sponsors can sponsor the bag itself, or one or more items inside the bag. Sponsors pay for a provide the items. In the past we have had success working with Cheryl Hodges on our swag items for the Sarasota team. She is superb, understands the crowd, and comes highly recommended.

Here is Cheryl's contact info.

Cheryl Hodges and
Home office: 727-954-3399
Mobile: 813-245-9740

Top tier sponsors get to include an item... work with Sponsorship Committee to collect these items

Ask participating vendors, vintners, restaurants, sponsors, etc., if they would like to include items in the gift bags. Certain items may be branded with company logos (see examples in Step 2)

Show me the $$$: Some charities charge a flat sponsorship fee to place items in gift
bags, which can be a nice extra source of revenue (Sarasota’s fee is $500 and many companies pay it!). In otherwords, a company can't just put in a coupon or item, they have to be a $500 minimum sponsor. If this doesn't feel right, ask them to contribute something larger in return for access to your entire guest list. A larger gift card, perhaps?  An item for the Auction?

For the Swag Bag Request One-Sheet, click here.

For Types of Swag, and Sample Swag Bag Contents, click here.