King of Sole:  Take your bottom line to new heights with a friendly Shoe Guy competition! This program is modeled on races where runners ask their friends and family to support them on their run. 3 weeks prior to your event, post photos and bios of the "Shoe Guys" (or "Sole Men") to your website, or to Crowdrise, and ask the Shoe Guys to solicit support from their friends and family by donating towards their favorite Shoe Guy. At the event, he who raises the most money will be crowned the King of Sole.

Firefighter Dinner Live Auction Lot:  Recruit your local firefighters to join your Shoe Guy squad and ask them to contribute a "Dinner at the Firehouse" to the Live Auction. The Lucky winner and her invitees will enjoy an evening meal with, and prepared by, their local firefighters, who are famously good chefs. If the guys can get on stage in their gear during the auction, it's sure to amp up the bidding!



Anticipate a 10% no-show.

Be very selective about the Shoe Guys who sell raffle tickets. The point of the Shoe Guys is to flirt.  As soon as they are selling something, it can create a barrier between the guest and the Guy. So ensure you choose only the most outgoing, flirtatious guys who could sell ice to Eskimos, and make sure they're clearly identified apart from the other Shoe Guys.

Coach your guys on event “etiquette”—drinking and otherwise.  We want them to imbibe and have fun, but it’s inappropriate for them to demand a full glass from the vintners. (Yes, that has happened.)