We suggest printing this page to use on the Day Of your event!

Assignments for 25 Guys


2 at elevator/stairs greeting

2 handing out glasses writing names on glasses in gold pen

Note: The four Guys who are greeting and handing out glasses will rotate in once that is done and do something else


 2 selling raffle tickets

 2 assigned to silent auction walking room with lots on trays -- need to make double lot display for these lots

 2 assigned to silent auction tables promoting lots to the bidders 

 2 assigned to live auction lots walking the room with lot display on trays -- need to make double of these displays

 1 assigned to live auction table promoting lots to bidders

 10 assigned to vendors

2 extra guys can float as needed

During Seated Portion of Program:

 8 assigned to VIP tables

 2 assigned to VIP rows, pouring wine

4 assigned to helping pour wine

 4 assigned to promote bidding and 

 4 assigned to thank bidders and put feather boa around her neck

 The ones associated with the auction lots will come up on stage

 3 - 4 assigned to walking the Best in Shoe winners on stage


 4 assigned to taking silent items to people's cars


Training Your Shoe Guys:

Train on your charity's mission.Give each guy a different talking point to use with guests as they work the event.
The more educated everyone is on what the charity does, the better.

It really works to give each Guy a single talking point for them to remember the day of the event. We find it’s much easier for people to remember a single point rather than general information. How it works is you all create 10 - 15 talking points and put one each on a strip of paper, sort of like a fortune cookie fortune but bigger, then give each Guy one to make their own. The Shoe Guy weaves that single point into his conversation through out the event. 

Train on Wine & Shoe pairing: Give copies of Wine & Shoe Pairing 101 Sheet.

Train on shoe terms and styles. Give copies of our Shoe Dictionary and Graphic.

 Have Shoe Guys arrive an hour before the event so the Shoe Guy Chair can spend about 20 minutes with them giving an overview of their role. They’ll also need to be broken up and designated to the various vendors and speak to their vendor about what they’re showcasing on their tray. 

On event day, use the Shoe Guys Day-Of Checklist

Note: Make sure your Shoe Guy Chair rents/purchases enough trays, one for each Shoe Guy