Shoe Guys are awesome promo sources!

Ask them to post on their Facebook page 

Sample posts for Shoe Guys: 

Wine Women & Shoes?...HOT. I’ll be filling my foot-fetish quota for the year at this fundraiser for [CHARITY]
on [DATE].

Male to female ratio = 1:20 Just one of the many benefits of being a Shoe Guy.
Who can resist a guy dishing up sexy stilettos on a silver platter?! Give in to temptation at Wine Women & Shoes on Saturday…it’s for charity!
Who says drag queens have all the fun? Try being a Shoe Suy at Wine Women & Shoes!

Event Photos 

At your event, try to get a group shot of the Shoe Guys, which makes for great post event publicity material and a good recruiting piece for the following year. 

Media Coverage 

 Pitch a story on your Shoe Guys to a local magazine.