Shoe Guys are typically men in the community somehow connected to women supporting the event. Whether they’re someone’s son, brother, boyfriend, nephew, grandson or dad, if they have an outgoing personality, chances are, they’d be great! Good looks are a plus.

DO NOT bring in shoe guys who won't engage guests.

No Shoe Guys under 21. No matter how adorable. You do not want a lawsuit.

Providing Shoe Guys could benefit your sponsors. See if your sponsors want to provide Shoe Guys, or your Guys have companies that want to sponsor. It's a great networking opportunity! For instance, if a real estate company is a sponsor, they could send two charming agents as Shoe Guys and scoop up new clients. Same for doctors, etc.

For the Shoe Guys Listing in a Sample Program, click here.

How Many Guys?

20 Shoe Guys is the perfect amount for a 350-person event. Anticipate a 10% no show.

How Do You Invite Guys?

For a Sample Shoe Guy Invitation, click here.
Send your invitees the link to the Shoe Guy video on our main web site (click here).

Hold a fun pre-event gathering, like a BBQ, three weeks before the event.


Creates camaraderie among Shoe Guys
Builds awareness of the charity
Gives sponsors another opportunity to interact with potential customers

For a sample BBQ e-Vite, click here.