COMMITTEES | Sponsorship 



Now that you have your sponsors, you and your sponsors need to maximize their exposure. Why? If they perceive great promo benefits from participating, they'll be thrilled and will return next year--maybe with more money.

Promo Ideas for Sponsors:

Create special Facebook posts or e-Blasts for your sponsors (for example, "We're driving our Cadillacs to the WW&S event on ...")

Use your magazine media partners to benefit sponsors (e.g. a half page ad: "California Closets brings you Wine Women & Shoes...")

Are your sponsors attending the event? You want to make sure you haveSponsor Ambassadors at your event who will introduce them to people and make them feel like VIPs. We also suggest recognizing your sponsors in a fun and unique way at your event. Below are a few ideas:

     JibJab faces/dance with your big sponsors and donors recognized for their generosity.
     Gospel Choir comes on stage to sing a song honoring your sponsors and big donors.

These are just a few ideas--we're only limited by time, energy and creativity.