COMMITTEES | Venue/Logistics



One Detail that Really Makes or Breaks the Atmosphere:

Having enough trash cans and adequate busing of tables.

If you have volunteers busing, make sure you have a strong captain with an eye for detail to manage them. It's worth creating the position of a "floor manager" to deal with all the logistical details like busing, trash, ice, water, etc. At a hotel, there is an event manager and staff to do this work. At an event facility (without staff) and a private home, we have to staff it ourselves.

It's worth hiring professionals or people you trust to clean up quickly and reliably after your event. Everyone who worked the event (including volunteers) will be completely exhausted, and the last thing anyone wants to do is stick around and clean.  You end up with three or four people cleaning by themselves until 1 AM.

It's nice to have some male volunteers or hired people help the vendors pack up and load out after the event. The vendors are tired too, and it's a lot of work to pack up and load the boxes of merchandise out of the event space.