There is a misconception that you will make a lot of money with the help of a Wine Retail Partner. The truth is, there are few wine sales at the event. We are weighing whether or not the extra work is worth the trouble.

The pros of a Retail Wine Partner:

Your guests will be able to conveniently purchase wines being poured at the event.

Retail partners donate a percentage of wine sales to the nonprofit (this has been very limited).

The wineries appreciate the opportunity for sales.

The cons of a Retail Wine Partner:

It creates a lot of work.

It sets expectations that there will be wine sales with the retailer, the winery and the charity.

It rarely generates wine sales and everyone is disappointed.

If you decide to bring on a Retail Wine Partner, you’ll need to provide:

A table/station with linens and signage.

Printed order forms (created by WW&S team).

Follow-up post-event to make sure all orders are fulfilled, and pick up the donation check.

The Vintner Committee Chair needs to maintain this relationship throughout the planning process.