Vintner Dinners can be wonderful additions to your Wine Women & Shoes event and can generate revenue,  but if you don’t plan and market them correctly, they will fall flat quickly. If you are interested in hosting a Vintner Dinner—or several—read on, then decide if you are willing and able to take on the extra work necessary for success.


If you are having Vintner Dinners or Parties, you’ll need to:
    - Discuss vintner invite with WW&S Winery Relations Team during your kickoff call. 
    - Designate a Vintner Chair.
    - Find hosts and venues for each Vintner Dinner eight weeks prior to the event.
    - Pair one Vintner Concierge per dinner location and introduce them to the hosts.
    - Recruit chefs and coordinate wine and food pairings.
    - Manage invitations and guest list with Vintner Concierges.